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8 weeks – $200

Celtic Pointed Pen offers a fresh look at the Uncial style of calligraphy.  Normally done using a broad nib, we will be a little different this term and use a pointed nib, with some variations to tradition.

Decorative techniques including celtic knots will also be explored, to produce some lively celtic designs.

Perfect for beginners and more advanced students, and especially good for left-handers.

Limited class sizes, so please enrol and pay as quickly as possible.


Pointed Nib (I like Nikko G), straight holder, black ink (pref. waterproof like Liquid Spectrum), gold ink, A4 bleedproof pad, a few sheets of watercolour paper, watercolours (like Koh-i-noor watercolour palette), 000 size brush.

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    Are you left-handed?

    Calligraphy Kit Required (approx. $35)


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